Every pound you spend is an economic volt and that means that technology has always catered for those with money
— Suhail Patel On "Racist Cameras"

Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet?

Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet is a podcast where science and tech journalism meets pop culture. Join Hana, Suhail, Oz, and Alex for a diverse and deep dive into the world of science and technology.

From skin bleaching and genetic testing to facial recognition and data mining, this is the podcast that surgically dissects and disassembles the latest news and drops it directly into your ears.

Joining our hosts are a wide variety of expert guests. They’ve spoken to cardiologists about futuristic pacemakers, engineers about smart planes, computer scientists about the dark web, and acoustics experts about the future of sound.

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The cast

Suhail Patel is a journalist and film-maker. In a past life, he worked for Doctors Without Borders but now he makes films for news organisations like the BBC.

Hana Ayoob is a creative producer and artist. A zoologist by training, she now spends her time putting together some of the biggest science events in the UK (as well as creating art inspired by natural history and Indian art & patterns).

Oz Ismail is a doctoral researcher in neuroimaging - looking at how the brain cleans itself and figuring out what goes wrong in waste clearance during Alzheimer’s disease.

Alex Lathbridge is a doctoral researcher in biochemistry, looking at how we can mix biochemical and computational screening to create short proteins with the ability to target key molecular pathways involved in cancer.