We enjoy the edible pleasure of the sponge, as well as its admirable mechanical properties
— Andrew Smyth (Great British Bake Off) on foams

‘Rial Talk

‘rial talk is the podcast which explores the materials around us.

The human race has been shaping materials for millennia – it’s what sets us apart from other species – but materials have shaped us too, changing our habits and behaviours, our communication and culture, and what we call home.

Each episode, award-winning materials scientist and engineer Dr Anna Ploszajski interviews someone with a link (however tenuous) to a material. Unlike other science podcasts, the interviewees aren't scientists, but instead they’re passionate people who work with, wear, make, blow down or live in a material that means something to them.

And it is never just two blokes talking to each other about science…


Dr Anna Ploszajski is an award-winning materials scientist, engineer and communicator, and in 2017 was named Young Engineer of the Year by the Royal Academy of Engineering.  In her spare time, Anna plays the trumpet and is the 1857th person to swim the English Channel.